Fear’s Confections

hot chocolate

With this stop, we made it to the halfway point of our challenge. We are now five down and five to go. Along the way, we’ve had some good experiences and some not so good experiences. I’d say Fear’s Confections in Lakewood would fall into the beyond good experience.

As soon as we stepped into the adorable little shop, we were hit with the sweet smell of chocolate and quickly followed by a warm and gregarious greeting from the guy behind the counter. We later learned through a nice exchange with the owner on Instagram that he was her husband.

We ordered our hot chocolates and were pleasantly surprised when we were offered a homemade marshmallow for half off and just 25 cents. Peggy chose raspberry and I got vanilla chai. I also sampled a piece of chocolate and Peggy got some treats to take home, which she later reported were delicious.

Here’s what we thought:

  1. Flavor. The hot chocolate had a yummy rich taste that was not too sweet and just right for both of us.
  2. Topping. Need I say more than, “homemade marshmallow?” There was a selection of four, including the ones we chose and chocolate mint and s’mores.
  3. Size. There seemed to be one size and it was just the perfect amount.
  4. Atmosphere. We loved how cute this shop was. Peggy commented that the two little tables they had were set beautifully. The Valentine’s Day decorations only added to the warmth on a cold January morning.

Overall, we loved Fear’s Confections. Peggy decided that it would now be her preferred chocolate shop. She plans to return soon with friends for more hot chocolate, and it will now top her list of places to grab a coffee with a friend in the neighborhood.


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