Bonbon Pastry & Cafe


The inaugural stop on our tasting tour occurred at Bonbon Pastry & Cafe in Ohio City on a busy Christmas Eve morning. Bonbon had been selected as the first stop based on convenience but after a couple of missed attempts it appeared that wasn’t the case.

We finally settled on Christmas Eve morning because it fit into both of our schedules. The day was unseasonably warm, but I was ready to start this challenge as I arrived at the overly crowded and bustling cafe. Peggy joined me shortly after.

When I first walked in the door my eye caught the sign advertising the Mexican Hot Chocolate as the special. As a fan of this unique sweet and spicy treat and after exchanging some messages earlier in the week with Peggy about champurrado, I knew this was the one I wanted to try. Peggy concurred and ordered the same.

Below is the way we will rate each hot chocolate and location:

  1. Flavor. The Mexican Hot Chocolate had a nice blend of sweet and spice. It was not too sweet though and you could taste the quality bitter chocolate used.
  2. Topping. According to Peggy this was the best marshmallow she had ever tasted. It was a homemade one too. The green and red sprinkles were a pleasing holiday touch and also a possible ode to the Mexican flag colors.
  3. Size. We both agreed that it was too small and simply didn’t last long enough through us eating our meals and chatting.
  4. Atmosphere. Being at Bonbon always makes me feel like I’ve been transported to Paris. And the staff that day had a decidedly French manner as well. It seemed as if they were not having their best day likely caused by the largest crowd I’d ever seen there.

All in all our first tasting experience was a success with a few setbacks in the service department. We’ll definitely make a return trip just not the day before a major holiday.