civilization1The end is coming and we can feel it. At the start of this tasting tour, Peggy and I were enthusiastic, even eager to sample some of the best hot chocolate drinks in Cleveland. Now, it seems we are just trudging along to the end and this was only evident in our most recent stop at Civilization in Tremont. Being our ninth stop, I am sure this is to be expected.

We met on a sunny afternoon. We approached the counter and asked for a hot chocolate. The non-enthusiastic guy behind the counter asked, “which kind?” We replied with a shocked, “you have different kinds!” Clearly, having been here countless times before we never ordered a hot chocolate. Wanting to try something new, I ordered the chocolate malt and Peggy got the white chocolate.

Here’s what we thought:

  1. Flavor. I barely tasted the chocolate malt flavor till the last sip. Peggy enjoyed the white chocolate although commented it was not warm enough.
  2. Topping. The whipped cream on mine seemed to instantly plunge to the bottom of my drink taking most of the liquid with it. Before the first sip, I was left with little more than a half a cup of hot chocolate.
  3. Size. Pretty standard.
  4. Atmosphere. I’ve always appreciated the old world charm here. It takes me to another place and time. But that’s as far as the warm feelings go. The staff and other patrons weren’t overly friendly and kept to themselves.

While we appreciated the wide selection of hot chocolate flavors here, it wasn’t enough to shake us out of our tasting doldrums. Perhaps the way that Peggy felt about Blackbird last month is how I am feeling too. The novelty has worn off and all the hot chocolates are tasting the same. The one thing that has stayed consistent is the company. The tour has been a pleasant way to take a break, maybe try a new place and enjoy a good conversation with a friend.