Dewey’s Coffee


After our last experience, I really needed our fourth tasting stop to be better and thankfully it was! When Peggy suggested Dewey’s Coffee in Shaker Square, the first thing I did was check their website and I am glad I did, because on it they describe their hot chocolate as: “No SwissMiss packets here – we make the real stuff!” With my lackluster experience at The Root Cafe, I needed to read that.

Neither of us had been to Dewey’s before, and on a late Saturday morning, it was bustling with a diverse group of customers. Walking in we were greeted with a bright and airy, but comfortable atmosphere. We quickly grabbed up the last remaining table in the back.

And then it was on to ordering, which turned into a comedy of errors, because when we asked for the Phoenix Hot Chocolate, we were told they were out of it. So we settled for the Dewey’s Own Hot Chocolate with whipped cream. Then, Peggy asked if we could have mugs and we were told their dishwasher was broke, so they didn’t have any available. All the while, the guys behind the counter were completely apologetic about it.

Here’s what we thought:

  1. Flavor. We both agreed it had a good chocolate flavor that was not too sweet and just right.
  2. Topping. The whip was a delicious added bonus.
  3. Size. We both ordered the medium. It was a perfect size.
  4. Atmosphere. There was a comfy and friendly vibe. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood there, and it was contagious. The only oddity is that they share a space with a popcorn shop, so in the middle of enjoying our time there, we started to smell and get tempted by the freshly popped popcorn. As an aside, we both also had small bakery treats that were yummy.

The entire experience at Dewey’s was a pleasant one and a much needed improvement over our last tasting stop. We will definitely make a return visit when we are in the area again.